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Biopharma Global Supply Chain Leader & STEM Advocate

Dr. Talitha Hampton

Talitha is a biotech global supply chain leader with a diverse background in demand and supply chain planning, inventory management, new product introduction, manufacturing and process development. She has a passion for developing and improving business processes and growing and developing people. Talitha has worked globally for start-ups such as Novavax and well-known organizations including Merck and AstraZeneca, and has experienced both small and large molecule supply chains at different stages of product and organizational maturity. She has award-winning experience solving complex problems by developing simple business solutions while leading teams to achieve superior bottom-line results


Talitha (Tali) is the founder and managing partner of TLL Enterprises, a pharmaceutical operations consulting firm and CareerSTEM, LLC, a specialty firm whose mission is dedicated to exposing young people to careers in STEM and helping students and early career professionals ignite their passions, develop competitive personal brands, and achieve business objectives for success in their STEM careers. She draws on over 15 years of experience, along with her many years as a student of personal and professional development to motivate, mentor and inspire others.  +Read More

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"I am passionate about helping others through leadership and mentorship..."



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Connect with Talitha:
Find her on Instagram and Twitter via @DrTali24, connect on LinkedIn, or send a note directly from here.


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