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Dedicated to exposing young people to careers in STEM and helping students and early career professionals ignite their passions,

About CareerSTEM, LLC

CareerSTEM is a speciality firm whose mission is dedicated to exposing young people to careers in STEM and helping students and early career professionals ignite their passions, develop competitive personal brands, and achieve business objectives for success in their STEM careers. CareerSTEM focuses on empowering ambitious leaders who want to achieve their goals, but may not know how to create actionable steps to achieve these goals

Whether helping leaders improve their individual effectiveness, coaching entrepreneurs on growing brand visibility, guiding groups through conflict resolution, or instructing students on the importance of building strategic relationships, as a leading voice in business, Shaunice challenges audiences to think and act beyond conventional wisdom to get desired results.

Talitha energizes and empowers students and professionals of all ages to think outside the box to achieve their goals and reach others. Presentations, keynotes, workshops, and seminars are available on a variety of topics, with each topic infused with real-world experiences from her personal journey.
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Dr. Q possesses the rare combination of strong technical ability and impressive soft skills. Though a scientist by training, she commands a masterful understanding of the human aspects needed to thrives in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. Her technical side drives an ability to gather perspectives and analyze feedback, while at the same time connecting with clients and guiding them towards achieving results. This has enabled her to function and make seamless transitions between the scientific and non-technical worlds. Talk about my passion and faith.


Coaching and Mentoring
She has consulted and coached professionals within educational, non-profit, and corporate sectors including NIST, Merck & Co., Inc , L-3 Communications, the University of Maryland, College Park, Oakwood University, and the North American Division Office of Education.
CareerSTEM's services are ideal for:
  • Individuals who want to identify and address specific areas of skills development required for enhanced career navigation.
  • Helping uUniversities equip students and faculty with resources to facilitate the transition from academia to the workforce.
  • Professional Organizations
  • Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations



You certainly have a true gift to help others reach their full potential. I am thankful to work with you help me grow as a professional.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Cincinnati, OH

Through objective analysis and critical review Entropia Consulting has provided me with the tools to create a personal brand that truly demonstrates my strengths and passion...I have discovered new opportunities that I previously did not know how to uncover.
Sr. Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline, Collegeville, PA

Marquita Qualls is an energetic, young, dynamic leader… She is smart, easy to get along with, and most importantly, is–and is perceived to be–a leader.
Past President, American Chemical Society

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