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Talitha On-Air with Amos Brown of Praise Indy


Several hundred African-American scientists – chemists and chemical engineers – are meeting in Indianapolis this week for the 40th National Convention of NOBCChE, the National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers. These scientists and highly trained professionals don’t only work at university and government, but they also work in private industry, helped to create consumer products we use everyday.

During their 40th National Convention in Indy there NOBCChE is sponsoring a professional job fair, a Science Fair, Science Bowl and other activities specifically designed to reach out to the committee. Interviewed onAfternoons with Amos NOBCChE Vice-President Talithia Hampton-Mayo and Board Member Sherine Obare talked with Amos and listeners about the organizations mission which includes encouraging more African-American young men and women to get engaged in science and math. To be involved in STEP (Science Technical Engineering Math) courses and programs. The guests also told Amos and Listeners that ordinary products people use every day like “Bounty Towels”, the quicker picker-upper and the Super Soaker were created by Black chemists and chemical engineers. Click the Arrow to Hear Amos” Interview with folks from NOBCChE.

Runs 20 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

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